Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Greetings and salutations world,

For the past how many ever days or even weeks, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing… or blogging again. It was today when I accidentally discovered my old Xanga account and began reading. It seems as though I had some serious issues growing up, but I guess we all do. If not in one way, then always in another. Anyhow, the rediscovery of my old blog was the spark I needed to begin (or at least attempt) blogging again. So here we are.

This blog will have no limitations as to what I write. It could include anything ranging from a diary summing up my day to my attempts at creative writing to perhaps just plain old jibber-jabber that may or may not mean nothing at all. I will just write anything and everything that comes to my mind. Please do not judge me if any of my posts offend anyone or anything.

Onward from the disclaimer without a disclaimer indicating said disclaimer was a disclaimer…

I suppose I’ll start off my first entry with a little snippet about myself. My name is Jeremiah. Not many people know this. My friends, or at least the people I refer to as my friends, mainly know and refer to me as Jeremy. My last name is Van. Yes. Van. Like the auto-mobile. Three letters. Simple and short. Quite like me really. As I am putting these clutter of words into sentences, I sit at 20 years of age, stand at 5 foot 2 inches and am currently enrolled at the University of Illinois. Oh what superficial details about my life.

As you may already realize, there is no part within the previous description that really tells you about who I am is there? Well I guess that’s fine. That information is on a need to know basis and perhaps with a little time and further attention to my blog, you will come to understand who Jeremiah Van really is. Don’t worry! At this very moment, I’m not quite sure who I am either. So you are not alone! Please, take my hand and come join me on this long and intricate journey of love, beauty, hatred, truth, and most of all, self discovery.

Sincerely yours,

Jeremy Van

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Posted by on June 20, 2010 in Life